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Jenny Theriot, NP

Family Nurse Practitioner & Comprehensive Wellness in Baton Rouge, LA

Jenny Theriot, NP

With over 15 years of healthcare experience, Jenny Theriot is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner, whose own personal healthcare journey led her to functional medicine when mainstream medicine failed to identify and address a root cause of illness. Utilizing her own personal healthcare experience as inspiration, she understands – more than ever – the imperative and importance of personal health and holistic wellbeing.

Jenny is a graduate of Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center’s School of Nursing and is passionate about providing patients tools to optimize their health and ensure their own wellness. She continues to pursue integrative educational opportunities and specializes in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy along with peptide therapy. 

The team of practitioners at SYNC Life provides a nutritional, food-as-medicine approach with personalized supplementation to address underlying inflammation, micronutrient deficiencies, gut dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, weight management, hormone imbalance and immune dysfunction.

Jenny retains a passion when it comes to providing care to others and her mission is to help empower patents while informing them along their health journey. She is thrilled to join the synergistic, SYNC Life team who understands the value of providing comprehensive, patient-centered care.

Jenny’s approach to healthcare implements conventional medical training, combined with a functional medicine foundation to provide proactive, whole-body care rather than reactive style medicine.