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The SYNC Process

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Cellular Nutrition Assay
Our medical centers, staffed with board-certified physicians, are open 2The micronutrient test provides the most comprehensive nutritional analysis available by measuring functional deficiencies at the cellular level. Evaluating micronutrient status can be the first step in identifying metabolic inadequacies while shedding light on the possible underlying causes of complex chronic conditions. Your specialist will look at this analysis to determine if you need a vitamin injection, IV therapy, or something else.4/7 for issues from emergencies to the everyday. No wait, no appointment.
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The Genetic Starting Point
Our bodies are complex. Through 3X4 Genetics, SYNC looks at how your genes work together in cellular pathways and functional systems to control processes such as inflammation, metabolism, and detoxification. Traditionally, we have spent far too much time focusing on trying to fix symptoms. At SYNC, we want to change this by understanding what’s happening at a deep cellular level so we can prevent, delay, or reverse disease.

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The SYNC Pack allows the convenience of pre-sorted vitamin pouches and removes the anxiety of sorting vitamins in conjunction with each vitamin protocol. Once evaluated, a SYNC Pack is designed to contain all the needed nutrients based on your results and appropriately scheduled to optimize your nutrient intake.



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